Schedule email in Outlook in seconds, and hit your recipient's inbox at the perfect time!

Schedule email with Outlook's premier productivity add-in, and your messages will automatically get sent at the time you chose, even if your computer is off. You can even set follow-up reminders if your scheduled emails don't get a response!

  1. Start by clicking here to download Boomerang.
  2. Next, click the New Message button to create a new email
  3. Write the email that you want to send as a recurring message in Outlook
  4. Click the Send Later button in the ribbon at the top of the window
  5. Choose Schedule recurring message from the Send Later menu
  6. Select the time when you would like your message to be sent
  7. Press the blue Schedule button to finish scheduling your message to be sent later in Outlook
Jeremy Thake

If you are not using are missing out!

Jeremy Thake

Scheduling email in Outlook with Boomerang lets you...

  • Hit your recipient's inbox at the perfect time and increase your odds of getting a response.
  • Set up a year's worth of payroll reminder or birthday emails in a day.
  • Hide your late-night email habit by sending midnight emails out in the morning as you sleep in.
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Schedule Email to Get It Read and Responded to More Quickly!

A well-timed email is 30% more likely to be read than a poorly-timed one. Boomerang for Outlook's send later feature lets you write a message now, then have it delivered whenever is best. If you're drafting an email on your way out of the office on Friday, you can schedule it for Monday morning, rather than send it immediately. Your email will be more likely to get read, as it will hit the top of your recipient's inbox when they return to work on Monday, rather than be buried under the rest of the emails they got over the weekend.

Schedule Email Sidepane in Outlook

Once Boomerang for Outlook is installed, you can find the "Send Later" option in both the Office Ribbon on Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016, and in the Add-Ins bar on and Outlook on the Web. Simply click a prepopulated time for your email to send, or manually define a custom send later time, down to the minute. Click "Confirm" and you're done! Need to make changes your scheduled messages? No problem. Boomerang's Manage Page allows you to reschedule, cancel, edit, or immediately send any (or all) emails in your scheduled email queue.

New York Times

Boomerang! Where have you been all my life?

Sam Grobart, The New York Times

Boomerang is an awesome tool that allows you to schedule your emails to send at a later date or time.

Kristin Wong, Lifehacker