Automate meeting scheduling with
Boomerang for Teams

Book more meetings, faster and remove scheduling headaches

Take the hours of back-and-forth out of scheduling meetings. Boomerang’s patented technology makes scheduling easier and now more effective for managing at the team level. Schedule effortlessly across teams within your domain, as well as at the individual level – and because Boomerang integrates into your team’s existing workflows, they’ll love using it.

Book twice as many meetings

Our Magic Live Calendar creates a better experience from the start.

Our not-so-secret sauce is the Magic Live Calendar, an always up-to-date, clickable image right in your email that makes scheduling a breeze.

Bookable Schedule

Set up your available hours once, then share that schedule anytime you want, as often as you want to let people book a time. Create multiple schedules.

Suggest Times

Skip the back and forth! Select specific meeting times to offer and send them in an email. All your guest has to do is click and confirm. Perfect for one-off meetings.

Share Free/Busy

Share your availability, without giving up your privacy. Ideal for finding a time to meet with someone when you have flexibility.


Schedule meetings as a team

  • Create team schedules based on collective availability.
  • Automate finding times that work for everyone and eliminate the back-and-forth.
  • Improve show rates with reminder emails.

Assign with round robin schedules

  • Distribute meetings automatically based on rules.
  • Optimize for even distribution or immediate availability.
  • Get meetings booked faster.

Plus the features you expect

  • Integrations with Zoom and Microsoft Teams
  • Multi-calendar support
  • Reminder emails to improve show rates
  • Mobile app access on iOS and Android
  • Analytics and trends on booking rates, popular meeting times, and more
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Ready for better scheduling?

Empower your team to get more responses, get more focus, and get more things done.

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See the new Boomerang for Teams in action

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Meeting scheduling made for teams of all sizes

Book more meetings

Avoid conflicts and book meetings more effectively with the Magic Live Calendar.

Close more deals

Improve show rates with automatic reminders and follow-ups.

Drive more revenue

Turns meeting scheduling from a headache into a competitive advantage.

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Build strong relationships with customers

Set the right tone for a respectful, lasting relationship.

Personalize your service

Make it easy for each customer to connect with you.

Save time on back and forth emails

Stop escalations faster with a one-click scheduling experience.

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Get hires in the door faster

Get quicker responses with one-click booking.

Book panel meetings without the hassle

Use collective schedules and eliminate the back-and-forth.

Create stronger relationships

Start every connection with the right tone, from the first email.

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Manage office hours with ease

Avoid double-booking or uncertainty with clear schedules.

Reduce costs and amplify productivity

Streamline productivity with scheduling and email tools all in one place.

Improve the student experience

Make scheduling time simple and respectful.

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Boomerang scales to your entire organization,
from small business to enterprise


Get the visibility and control you need

  • Centralized billing
  • Teams and users management
  • Schedules management
  • Priority email support
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Dependable security you can trust

  • SOC2 Type 2 Certified
  • Safeguards company data
  • Meets compliance requirements
  • Trusted by Google and Microsoft

Why choose Boomerang over Calendly?

Boomerang can help you book more meetings and build better relationships with your recipients. See how this customer booked 2x more meetings.

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You also get the best email productivity tools, included.

Boomerang also includes the email tools you need to be more productive – integrated right into your inbox. Send and receive messages on your schedule, eliminate inbox interruptions, and write messages that get more responses.


Ready to ignite your growth?

Empower your team to get more responses, get more focus, and get more things done.