Boomerang Pro for Teams

Just One Invoice
Simplify accounting by having just one invoice for all the Boomerang users on your team. Email productivity without billing headaches! Even more powerful with annual plans.
Manage Access
Hiring someone new? You can add and remove users from your subscription from our Admin page, and the changes will take effect immediately. You can always email us too.
Exponential Benefits
What if your whole team was on top of their email? Boomerang is great for individuals, but it's even more powerful when entire groups have their Inboxes under control!
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To set up 100+ users, please contact our sales team.

Enterprise Plan
Boomerang's Enterprise Plan is a customized platform solution that changes your company's email from a cost center into a competitive advantage. Get all the features from our pro plan, a custom service agreement, and options for enterprise-grade training, professional services, and integrations with other business software.

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